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About us


Management philosophy

Management philosophy

Our team’s management philosophy aims at better preserving capital when markets are down and creating long-term value through innovative technological tools.

Drawing on our talent and technology, we aim to create innovative solutions that follow sustainable investment principles to be in line with clients' expectations.

Our inspiration

We are inspired to take care of your financial well-being by designing investment strategies that meet your current needs while looking resolutely to the future.

Our mission, vision and values: along with all the Group’s subsidiaries, Optimum Gestion financière (OGF) is guided by the organization's seven core values.

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Four-step investment approach


Analyze the assets and financial situation and define the needs and goals of the client


Build a portfolio tailored to the client’s needs and goals and market transformations


Assess the portfolio on an ongoing basis and adjust the defined investment strategy based on current events


Monitor the portfolio closely and contact the client regularly to update them on the performance of their investments

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