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Optimum Actions Internationales takes an active discretionary management approach that focuses on stocks within the benchmark index.

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Date established1999/01/15
ISIN codeFR0007019245
Assets under management (€ M)19.69 (2023/02/28)
Net asset value (€)50.46 (2023/02/28)
CashWeekly (Fridays) / Before 11:00 a.m.


Thomas Quintela

Thomas Quintela

Dora Gamaoun

Dora Gamaoun

Fund features

  • This Fund invests in international equities.
  • The performance history demonstrates the value added by active management, primarily in bear markets.
  • A management framework is used to tactically monitor the allocations to different regions of the world.

This product carries a risk of capital loss.

Risk indicator








← Lower riskHighest risk →
⚠ The synthetic risk indicator is based on the assumption that you hold the product for the recommended investment horizon. It allows you to assess the level of risk of this product compared to others. It indicates the probability that this product may incur losses in the event of market movements or our inability to make payments to you.

Main risks

Equity risk:

Due to the investment strategy, the Fund’s exposure to the equity risk is high; therefore, in the event of a downward trend in equity markets, the Fund’s net asset value could fall.

Foreign exchange risk:

This is the impact on the currency exposure of fluctuations in a currency against the reference currency. There is a foreign exchange risk for French residents due to the composition of the portfolio, which may include shares listed, inter alia, in US dollars, pounds sterling, Canadian dollars, Danish kroner, Swedish kroner, Norwegian kroner, Swiss francs, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan.

Detailed information about the product's risks is available in the pre-contractual documentation of the Fund.

Documentation (only available in French)

Other information

Asset classInternational Stocks
Geographic AreaGlobal
Minimum recommended
investment period
5 years
Asset managerOptimum Gestion Financière S.A.
CustodianSociété Générale Securities Services (SGSS)
SFDR classificationArticle 6
Reference currencyEUR
Eligibility for French
Equity Savings Plan (PEA)
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